About Us

Who We Are

RebusCode has been in the marketing and market research domain for over a decade. With its roots in providing software solutions and services, RebusCode was in a unique position to understand the real challenges and gaps in this vertical. In 2015, we embarked on a journey to create a solution that would solve those very real problems and bridge the gaps for the professional researcher. After 2 years of field trials and fine tuning our software with the help of some of the world’s largest research companies, we launched RebusCloud – the only tool that you need to answer your marketing questions.

Amitayu Basu

Amitayu Basu - CEO

Formerly Satmetrix, Harris Interactive – USA

Has a deep understanding of market research and customer analytics. Was one of the primary researchers in the development of the NPS tool and methodology at Satmetrix. Leads the sales and finance functions for RebusCode.

MBA Case Western Cleveland, OH, USA

Samudra Gupta

Samudra Gupta - CTO

Formerly THBS – Orange Telecom - UK

A technologist at heart, Samudra has significant experience in developing IT strategy and executing complex technical projects. He managed large telecom and financial customers like Orange and JP Morgan for THBS and dramatically scaled THBS’ operations.

MBA Warwick University, Coventry, UK